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Fullerton Roof Installation

Unfortunately, most of the time roofing installation is not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn't seem all that easy. Almost every roof installation service will require removal of the old roof. The existing roof removal will impact the cost of roofing your home or business. Although some people opt to layer roofing to save time, it can add unnecessary layers that will likely lead to long-term damage and even roof collapse.

After removal of the old roof, one of the technicians at Fullerton Roofing Pros will evaluate the sheathing to ensure that structural integrity of the roof’s base. Additionally, given the warmer Orange County weather conditions, the technician will install a heat barrier. The barrier will sit along the edges of the roof, but technically underneath the roofing materials.

Finally, the team will install the underlayment or ridge cap and roofing material of your choice. The underlayment is usually a material that sits underneath shingles or other roofing material and prevents long-term damage. This is typically what seperates a good roof, from a great roof.

Call Fullerton Roofing Pros for your next roof installation, where we will guarantee top-quality results by using a proven installation strategy. This strategy has helped many businesses and homeowners safeguard their property against the warm Southern California weather. Any property owner must hire the best as a new roof, or a roof replacement can severely impact the structural integrity and safety of any building.

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